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Setkání Comenius, Rumunsko

23. března 2020 | Comenius 2013–2015

Příspěvek Pavla Kocourka, 2A:

Five days. A lot of memories. Many new friends. This is an unforgettable trip, with Comenius, to the Romania.

At first we had a tour to the local school. We ended the tour in the hall, which looked like a cinema, where the official welcome started and then all the countries presented their work. Then we walked around the city. Târgoviște was our „new home “for five days.

Next day we went to the food factory and after two-hours of the bus ride we went to the Castle of Dracula. The castle was wonderful!

Last day before we flew home we visited capital city of Romania, Bucharest. We used a double-decker for a few minutes. When we sat on the top deck, the view was amazing!

Next stop was Romanian Parliament. The parliament was wonderful!

In the end we had our last dinner and we said good-bye to all of our new friends. And then? Then we went to sleep for a few hours and in the morning we went to the airport. And a few hours later we were at home. And now we have just memories. But these are the best memories! 🙂

Pavel Kocourek, 2A