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Nabídka práce – Karpis Design Studio LLC

22. listopadu 2021 | Nabídky pro absolventy

Job opening: Web Designer

👋We are so glad to hear from you wizard designer!

🏢Who we are

We’re a boutique design studio focused on high-tech product based startups. We work with sustainable technologies because we believe in the cause, in making a difference in this world, and in creating an Impact.

👩‍💻🧑‍💻Our current team consists of a designer (Web, 3D), two web developers, a UX designer, tester, and copywriter.

🤔🧐Who are you?

To be successful in this role, you as a designer will take the information from creative brief, or mockups, and build an awesome website.

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of

-modern design trends

-a personal interest in high-tech gadgets

-have personal interest in B2B and B2C technologies—we work with sustainable products that are new of its kind. And we hope you are a fan of that.

The 3 YOU’s

1. You are attentive to details. (You can zoom out and really zoom in.)

2. You possess a great sense of originality because you’re creative.

3. You celebrate the user as they’re the story’s hero. You understand their needs and speak their language, and it shows in your design—shining like a bright supernova. 💥

✏️A student or not a student? Whatever you are, as long as you’re keen on getting started, you’re hungry for self development, you happily work independently with your own given task, but love to work in a team.

🗣⭐️Speaking of the team, we hope you’re a great team player, and you see that communication with the team, and the client is vital as our aim is to minimize their/our administrative workload and not add extra to it.

📝💻What you will do

Web design

•You will take the wireframes or mockups and create high fidelity designs ready to be implemented by the developer to the website.

Brand manual

•You will research and create brand manuals for our clients. We like to give our clients assets so they not only see it, but use it (for example: prepare indesign files with mockups for social media use).

Illustrations, graphic design

•You will create additional elements on the websites such as: icons, simple animations, illustrations (if you like drawing? if not, we can outsource it).

UI testing

•At the end of each project, we take a look at the website on Blisk browser, test the colors, margins, and all the elements in detail. At this stage, you would not report that content out of screen because we’ll have already done this kind of testing.

👎What you will not do

You will not do the front end implementation, coding, etc.



•Great communication skills.

•Reliability (without trust and dependability, nothing gets done, right?).

•Website visual design originality (we can’t all have the same websites).

•Graphic design

•Simple vector animations


Would be great to have

3D design, and 3D animations


We use:

•Adobe Cloud


•Google Workspace





Hopefully, you will lead the design team.

💝What we offer

We love our perks too!

1. Flexible Remote.

2. After one year, you will start receiving employee shares (we’re still figuring it out, but the allocation for the team is 30-50% of all shares). We are a small company, and being few in number has it’s advantage, for one, you get to keep a bigger portion of your shares.

3. We will start with simple paid assignments.[1]  If we are a good fit, we’d send you more projects.

🏁Preferred start date: we are hiring now.[2] 

📧Apply/inquire/or send me any other info of yourself to: [email protected]

❓Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

😎We are SUPER excited to hear from you.

Should specify that the 1st is not paid

Does not make sense